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At a rally in Cambridge with Senator Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Katherine Clark, and Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Gonzalez. Wearing my Ayanna button and t-shirt!
As someone who grew up in a military dictatorship, I have a deep appreciation for our democracy, and I cherish my right as a citizen to vote for who I want to represent me. Every election is important, but this election will be one of the most important in our lifetime. Tomorrow we will decide, as a nation, whether to rebuke the administration in the White House, or to allow them to continue advancing their divisive, hateful and environmentally destructive agenda. Though control of Congress will be decided in other parts of the country, there is plenty on the line here in Massachusetts!

Here are the candidates and questions I am supporting and endorsing. Each listing is a clickable link with more details behind it:

YES on Question 1
YES on Question 2
YES on Question 3!
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Jay Gonzalez for Governor (and Quentin Palfrey for LG!)
Ayanna Pressley for Congress (CD-7)
State Senator Sal DiDomenico
State Representative Mike Connolly

YES on Question 1

 This is a classic management vs labor dispute, and I'm siding with labor. Some have made the case that we as voters are not equipped to decide what proper nurse to patient ratios are, and I agree. Ballot questions are an imperfect but important expression of political will. Usually the legislature will take the intent of the question and work with the parties to implement a practical solution. That's what I'm expecting here as well.

YES on Question 2!
Corporations are not people. It's just that simple.

YES on Question 3!

Let's send a clear message that Massachusetts will not tolerate discrimination against transgender people! Cambridge City Council unanimously supported a resolution on this question last month. Repeal of this law would be devastating for transgender and gender-nonconforming people across the Commonwealth because it would allow discrimination in not only public restrooms, but also hotels, stores, restaurants, hospitals, banks, museums, and homeless shelters. We must rebuke this hateful question and not allow Massachusetts to become a prototype for how to attack transgender people through the ballot box. Don't be confused by the wording of this question. Just vote "Yes" to keep the protections we already have in place.

Elizabeth Warren for US Senate

She is a true champion of the people, and we need her voice and her opposition to the Trump agenda! I'm proud that she's from Cambridge and have supported her since she first ran. As one of the earliest cosponsors of the Keep it in the Ground Act, which would ban fossil fuel extraction on federal lands including offshore, she understands the importance of quickly transitioning our consumption towards renewable energy. If only more of our senators were like her.

Jay Gonzalez for Governor

I endorsed my friend Bob Massie in the primary because I knew he would fight hard for our future in the face of climate change. Even in losing the race, Bob won that fight for us, convincing Gonzalez to take a bold stance on climate change: carbon pricing now! I fully endorse Jay Gonzalez for governor over Charlie Baker, because Baker has actually weakened our response to climate change, refusing to consider carbon pricing and allowing the utilities to run amok. On his watch our fracked gas infrastructure has deteriorated, our public transportation has deteriorated, and our once vaulted solar industry has shrunk. Jay may not be physically tall, but he will stand tall for our future!

Ayanna Pressley for Congress

I was extremely proud to be one Ayanna's earliest supporters when she announced her run last Spring. She understands that being a leader is not just about voting the right way, it is also about setting the course for the future. Until we have a significant representation of minority, black, and female voices in our government, we cannot expect these issues to be confronted head-on with the kind of attention and urgency that they require, and that we deserve. Ayanna is committed to addressing climate change and environmental injustice. She has signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, would support the “Keep it in the Ground” act and the “Environment Justice Small Grants Program” act in Congress if she were elected, and is committed to protecting our critically important tree canopy. She also supports abolishing ICE, and Medicare for All. She will represent us in Congress the way people of this district deserve to be represented: by a leader who will fight for the least-served, the most vulnerable and the future.

State Senator Sal DiDomenico

Sal has represented us well in the State Senate and whenever I've met with him, I've always felt heard and respected. Last summer, his leadership in helping the Senate pass a strong version of the Environmental Bond Bill (which included a plastic bag ban) was greatly appreciated.


Mike Connolly for 26th Middlesex Representative

I was thrilled to support Mike in his first run, and even more ecstatic when he won and became my representative! Re-electing him is a no-brainer because he has proven himself to be someone willing to hold the MA House accountable on the most pressing issues of our time. As a naturalized citizen, I deeply appreciated his brave vote against a budget that did not contain adequate protections for undocumented immigrants. I've had the privilege, honor, and joy of working with Mike on local issues the last few years, including Net Zero and more recently on supporting the artists in the aftermath of the EMF building closure. Mike is running uncontested this year, and I am excited to see what he will do with his second term.
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